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La Relève offers various parental enrichment workshops that meet the needs of families in Haut-Saint-François. These workshops are current, creative, and promote the bond between parent and child. The workshops are offered free of charge to the population and are led by experienced and competent facilitators.

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Mama Moose

Are you a parent, grand-parent, babysitter, or legal guardian? Come join us for lots of fun and giggles where songs, rhymes, storytime, and crafts are on the menu. 

For songs...

 Coffee Meetup

Coffee Meetups are a much-appreciated breath of fresh air allowing for discussion and sharing between parents while providing a great opportunity for the children to play together. An open and attentive environment is offered to families.


Kitten project

The Kitten Project is a parent & child workshop offering a fun and stimulating environment to enhance the quality of your interactions with your children. It is also a workshop that helps you to learn more about your child's development.

A place for preschool children to come and play, craft, and socialize.



Family Stories

An awakening to reading and writing workshop, with time for crafts and nursery rhymes. Our facilitator can even come to your daycare center!

Family Supper

A space without judgment to spend time with family and meet other families without having to worry about cooking for all these beautiful people! Instead, take advantage of the chance to discuss, exchange, and enjoy this moment with your loved ones and new encounters!

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Mommy & Me

Mommy & Me is a series of workshops where mum can get to know her child better through engagement in fun activities together. On the menu: massage, discussion on sleep and diet, helpful resources, and much more!


This series of 8 workshops is aimed at mothers of babies aged 0-12 months, as well as their toddlers.

Bright Toddler

Bright Toddler is a series of 5 mothers and toddlers (aged 12-24 months) workshops that help with better understanding our child as well as their development.


To register for workshops or for more information, contact us.

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