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La Relève

A little history...

Comité de la Relève de Scotstown & la Joujouthèque (Committee of)

In the early 90s, three mothers got together to chat on daily walks with their babies. From their meetings emerges the idea of ​​setting up a toy loan system for Scotstown families, while paying as little as possible and favoring reuse. It was therefore in 1992 that this service was incorporated under the name of the Comite de la Relève de Scotstown as a non-profit organization. The objectives of this committee are therefore to ensure the proper functioning of the Joujouthèque, participate in the full development of children, and develop solidarity and mutual aid between mothers.

Les Coccinelles (The Ladybugs)

When the City of Scotstown acquires Saint-Alban Church, it rents its basement to the Comité de la Relève. This place becomes a meeting place for children, called Les Coccinelles. A few years later, the CLSC approaches the committee to offer it an extended family mandate. The committee then obtains a small grant allowing him to hire a facilitator.

Comité Culturel (Cultural Committee) 

Over the years, the Comité de la Relève gets involved at other levels, such as the Summer Animation Service (SAE) and culture by joining the Cultural Committee. Having become an organization whose artistic mission took more space than the original objectives, La Relève returns more to its roots in 2006, with the help of Animation Famille du Haut-Saint-François.

New Opportunities

In 2008, the Comité de la Relève de Scotstown was offered the opportunity to become a regional organization and thus meet the eligibility criteria for OCFs from the Ministère de la Famille et des Aînés. It was at this time that the Bambinerie (Cookshire-Eaton) and l'Enfantaisie (Weedon) joined forces with Toy Library in Scotstown. Both settings were founded with the goal to meet the needs of mothers who wanted a place to meet with each other and their children. Unfortunately, l'Enfantaisie will not last over time: In the fall of the same year, the organization receives recurring funding at the mission. This sum makes it possible to hire a coordinator. In addition, La Relève sets up a head office in Scotstown.


In 2009, La Relève assumes responsibility for the PACE program for the Haut-Saint-François territory. The organization then works more with vulnerable children and families. Furthermore, in 2010, La Relève enters into an agreement with the Cuisines Collectives to host parenting skills workshops (Mijotons en famille), in order to meet the program's criteria. In 2011, the board members see an opportunity to set up a new project with the Avenir d'Enfants fund. La Voix des Parents sets in motion a series of meetings between parents from the community aimed at establishing a portrait of the particularities and needs of families in Haut-Saint-François. Following this project La Relève becomes a member of the organization, Haut-Saint-François Fou de Ses Enfants.

La Relève partners with various regional organizations to offer workshops for parents. With agreement from the partners, the organization forms to offer in-house workshops geared specifically to its community.


In 2010, the Board begins procedures to improve its governance. In 2010, the Board initiates a reflection on the mission and the orientations of the organization. It is then that it adopted the mission as we know it today. In 2011, the Comité de la Relève de Scotstown becomes La Relève du Haut-Saint-François.

Geographic Location

In 2013, the Board decides to move the organization's head office to Cookshire-Eaton. Currently, rather than considering having a single living environment, La Relève coordinates its activities from the head office and travels to municipalities that express their desire or need for specific workshops. This deployment is also in keeping with the history of the organization since extending much-needed services to families that are spread out geographically is the reality of living in the HSF region.

La Relève continues to evolve in tandem with the needs of the Haut-Saint-François community, by remaining creative and open as planned for a very long time to come.

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