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La Relève du Haut-Saint-François


La Relève's core mission is to improve the quality of life of families in the Haut-Saint-François by bringing out the best of those individuals through their participation and their deep sense of belonging to their community.


But how d we accomplish all of this? Well, by having an extraordinary team that is ready to serve the families of our community. We are always listening to our families in the Haut-Saint-François, so we can offer services that are adapted to their needs. We are also here to defend the space for families in political decisions and to be a mobilizing force in our community to develop better living conditions for families 


Our Team


Sabrina Denault Lapointe



Mother of 2 children


With La Relève since 2015, Sabrina is mainly responsible for developing the organization in order to meet the needs of the community. She develops partnerships with other community organizations and above all, remains attentive to the members.


Mégane Lebel




Faisant partie de l'équipe depuis avril 2022, Mégane est en charge de développer des projets avec les jeunes de

6 à 17 ans et leurs familles.


Genevieve Guénette



Mother of 3 children


Since 2013, Geneviève has been the main animator for the Cookshire sector. She is currently in charge of Les P'tits Loups day care center as well as the meeting cafés.


Camille Marquis

Community Outreach

Camille's job consists of getting to know more about families and their wants, and needs. She is there to welcome, listen, support, and accompany families with respect and confidentiality.


She gets to better know the people who work at the organizations within each municipality in order to inform families of the services and activities available to them.



Jacky Mathieu



Mother of 2 children


Since 2012, Jacky has worked body and soul to develop children and families in the Scotstown area. A committed citizen in her community, she mainly takes care of the Les Coccinelles daycare center and the development of English-speaking services.

Our Administrative Council


The strength of our Board of Directors is the commitment of its members. They reflect the needs of the community and have a great desire to create innovative and inspiring projects.

The administrative council is basically the guardian of the organization. Sometimes they are the guardian of finances, sometimes guardians of the mission, and guardians of democracy, but above all else they are determinded that the organization runs accordingly.


The strength of our administrative council resides, before all, in the hearts of its members and their shared values with the organization. That they desire to learn and to help develop the future of our organization. This year we have had the chance to have many of these people be part of our organization.

Who are they?

Andréanne Cloutier       

Andrée-Anne Jacob

Maude Lemieux 

Christine Dubois            

Patricia Blais

Vickie Shaw

Roxane Taillefer









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